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     Coming from a family with the attitude of if you need it, build it, or fix it with what you have, the ability to see it and make it was just what you did.  

     We Started our business in 2009 in our garage after friends where admiring pieces in magazines, I knew I could build those pieces.  I got my husband involved and turns out he was very good at building, and I focused on all the finishing and setting up the show room, and the business just took off.

      From the garage we started out consigning some of our pieces at Allen's Dime Store in town.  That went pretty well, so we made the move to our own store, only opening on Fridays and Saturdays, keeping our 40 hour a week jobs.  That went on for a year or so, and when we had taken all of our 3 weeks of vacation, in just 3 months to keep up, we knew it was time to make it our full time job.  In 2013 the opportunity arose to add the Florist portion of our business and thanks to all the support of our local community, and word of mouth recommendations we received, we are going strong.


     We would love you to stop by an visit, browse our store, and be sure to check out the shop to see whats new, or the custom pieces we at working on.  

About the Furniture

   We use solid pine to build our furniture, because we do so much painting, but we can use other types of wood including your barn wood.  We source all our building materials locally, and we don't used and particle board, MDF, or plywood.  Our drawers and full 3/4 inch lumber so you don't have to worry about those sagging drawer bottoms after you try to stuff in a little more than you should.   We finish our pieces all the way around, which is great for open concept decorating because you don't have an ugly back.

    You can bring your own ideas, combine ideas on the floor, or just come in with a space an a need, and we will help you design a one of a kind piece that is exactly what you need.